Maybe the omens for the event were there from the start. You see smaller markets like this are full of passionate types who like their spot, get setup early, find car parking and are always there way before it’s remotely sensible to do so. 

As dawn finally broke (happy winter solstice) and with no other vendors in sight nor the organisers we were all a little worried that we had setup fully way before it looked like anyone else was going to be there. 

As daylight fully penetrated the black sky, the Christmas street lights went off, not long after we had our first power cut. 

Power cuts are a pain in the arse because unlike other foods, lights out is a small inconvenience which is easily overcome with torches.  

For us it signals game over as our chimney cakes need to be constantly rotating else the dough burns and there’s no way getting around it. Luckily both power cuts were just a glitch in the matrix. 

Attendance was surprisingly thin on the ground which caught a few traders off guard. They still did well as like us they have their regulars and our spot was a little disjointed from the main flow of the marker as I guess the organisers assumed a full house. None of this is whinging just observations and pretty surprising given how massive Newport Pembrokeshire market normally is. 

Being quiet presents its own unique set of challenges.  Managing the dough for one, trying not to eat out of boredom but most of all trying to keep Mrs Twirly occupied from going insane 🙂 

That’s not to say there weren’t some good orders when a few packs of humans made their way into Newport.  A couple of decent sized orders came in and what’s nice about that is realising how far we’ve come to be able to handle these without a blind panic. 

It was just over a year ago we did our first event at Letterston and had our first order for 2 chimney cakes.  We both looked at each other in an almost sh 2 at the same time?  Are you mad….. 2. Now it’s the normal but the small amount of “Istenem” (oh my god in English) does creep in on those big orders. 

Don’t take this post as anything bad about Newport market!  If anything the marker is growing with investment from the local community with more pitches  becoming available and more new traders coming which is exactly what Pembrokeshire needs.  

It’s more a way to see how the Twirly Bakes team has grown in confidence to be able to deal with slightly more demand and how passionate and geared up we get. 

However it might be from one extreme to another as next up is Fishguard New Year’s Eve party.