It’s not been easy to keep this under our hats! We’ve been doing a few teases on our instagram page about some news. As we’ve officially unhitched the trailer and opened up the hatch we can reveal……


We have a regular pitch thanks to amazing folks at Coastal Stay camping.


Located just outside of Llanrhian, Coastal Stay has become a hotspot for freshly cooked pizzas right on the coast of Pembrokeshire and of course their camping / glamping.  Every pizza is cooked fresh but what sets them apart is their own home made, slow cooked tomato sauce base.  It’s easy to see why more often than not the “sold out, come back tomorrow” board can be seen.


We’ve always believed in having a small streetfood collaboration where our sweet based chimney cakes would be a compliment for a savoury offering might imagine, we were delighted when given the opportunity to pitch up to offer our freshly baked Hungarian Chimney cakes along side freshly cooked pizza.


Coming out of the lockdown has encouraged new ways of thinking and innovation.  Small companies who previously shunned “going online” have now joined food hubs, card machines are more common place and it’s a testament to this new thinking being embraced which has resulted in our small Twirly Bakes enterprise working with Coastal Stay to encourage visitors to the area for a unique offering.


To start with our Chimney Cake offerings will be available from 4pm till 9pm(ish) with more plans afoot.

As we like to say… “We ARE the pudding”