It wasn’t until the last dying throws of the event that we realised we had been privileged to be at the very first Feast event and to be there for the final one at the end felt just a touch special for us. 


For the first time in a long time the Twirly Waggon was early as Normally my time optimistic approach doesn’t always work. Well it hasn’t technically failed but it does tend to make things uneccisairly tense at times.

This time around there were a few new traders which is great to see, it’s just a shame we didn’t get around to saying hello partly due to being busy but also the weather.  Oh. My. Word.  The weather. 

In poppy things are a warm and cosy affair, bordering on tropical because mistress dough needs to be warm to do anything. Just like Goldilocks and the three bears, too cold won’t get the dough going, too hot we’re dealing with over proofing so getting it just right is key. 

At some points you would think the apocalypse is happening.  Harsh storm force gales with driving rain, coupled with freezing wind meant challenging conditions for most traders and especially those right on the end of the event where little sheltered was offered.   Fair plays to those hardy types and we did try to get fresh warm bakes out when we could to those traders. 

Given it was Christmas Sunday, cold with uncertain weather conditions the turn out was pretty darn good. Seeing as this was our first event back in while and a soft relaunch couldn’t have asked for better. 

What blows us away is the fact we get remembered.  Perhaps it shouldn’t do? I mean a bright yellow horse box serving a pretty niche baked treat should stand out. Yet we’re still amazed and surprised it’s the product people really like. Hearing “we couldn’t wait for you to come back” or “people have been asking about you” is taking us both some time to process.  Not in an egotistical way but completely appreciative of it all.  

As I’ve written about before this year has been tough but when you receive so many nice comments and customers braving the storm to come and see us we are incredibly thankful. 

We did a post of our Facebook post page asking people to predict the best selling toppings.  The results are in 


Salted caramel 


And finally coconutty.  

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And of course there’s the events page on this very website. 

Next up. Newport Christmas market.