With lockdown restrictions being reduced and things starting to get back to a new “normal” tourism is starting to slowly get back into action and this includes open-air markets.

Even with the loosening of controls and restrictions we, like no doubt many people out there, are still a bit wary about mass crowds and the thought of the pandemic. With that in mind, we thought we could post a small update on what will be doing for future events.

Our Renewed 5-star food hygiene rating.

Before the pandemic, we had moved our food preparation area renovated our beloved Poppy (our yellow horsebox), had a food hygiene inspection and we are so so proud of our 5 star rating. Our regular cleaning checklists are even more thorough than before.

Working with FSA Approved Fast Acting Anti Bacterial Spray.

We work closely with the local environmental health officers, using recommended fast acting anti-bacterial spray. You’ll see us cleaning any points of contact more regularly than before with fast-acting sprays.

Reducing Cash Handling. Embracing Contactless Payments Even More.

We have always accepted card but it’s not always been prominently displayed. This is something we are going to push going forward. We take pretty much all cards with a huge preference for contactless.

Providing Hand Sanitiser.

Assuming that the world’s supply of hand sanitiser hasn’t been snapped up and sold for an exorbitant amount when people start going out, hand sanitiser will be readily available.

Social Distancing.

Even with the rules being partially dropped in England and, as of the time of writing, Wales still adhering to distancing rules, we will actively encourage keeping your distance.

Online ordering.

Coming soon but this one’s taking a bit of time to work out. More news on this soon.

Things are going to get back to normal eventually but there’s no point rushing things whilst there is a small amount of risk. We can’t wait to get back out on the road to start back on the Twirly Bakes adventures.

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