A cold, crisp, frost laden morning greeted us on the 1st anniversary of our first ever indoor food event. Fun fact that this event was booked before we even had an indoor grill!

If you’re going to be on the road at crazy o clock in the morning after a week at the “jobby job” it’s nice to have some truly stunning scenery to look at. Despite the weather being -4oc it didn’t feel cold but that’s maybe because of all the ferrying backwards and forwards with stock. Next time someone tells me a sack trolley isn’t worth it I’ll remind them of this.

Being Up On the Main Stage

I’ll have to admit when we were told we were up on the main stage I did feel a little proud. A sense of achievement that we’d worked hard and getting a shot at a prime location.

You see in quite a few events, especially some larger ones, Twirly Bakes is often shoved in a corner or just a really crap spot. Either in-between two massive vendors where realistically we don’t stand a chance being dwarfed by massive stands, or we’re just outside of the main flow of things. So hearing the words “main stage” felt good and set us up on the feel good factor for this event.

Setting up was the usual affair of Mrs. Twirly just telling me to get out of the way and let her get on with things. At times like this after driving for a while I’m only too happy to oblige. We’re both tired and a touch snappy with each other so having some space does us well. Side note, other traders admit to the same issue so it’s nice to know we are alone on this

Open For Trading.. The Waiting Begins

With the stand setup and the waft of freshly baked cinnamon goods flowing through the air you would think it would be a dead cert for an onslaught of customers. However the morning is slow, people amble by with a glancing interest. We tell ourselves and each other the rush will come soon. It’s still early and people always go for savory first.

At 12.30 we say it’ll happen a bit later, it’s cold outside
At 13:30 ok so a small rush soon
At 14:00 things picked up just a touch.

This isn’t to say footfall was down or to criticize the running of the event. Just observing the flow of people we really were in the wrong place for this event.

One benefit from not being the busiest is being able to pack up in plenty of time to get home at the end of day 1. There’s still dough to make, toppings to sort but at least a not so early start.