It might sound crazy to post about a one week anniversary but seeing the world has been a pretty strange place for the last few months, we thought why not. This isn’t to show off or make light of how hard it is now for independent street food vendors with several street food events being cancelled, but more a personal take to share some good news.

It’s one thing to hear about the summer tourist season, 12 weeks of going full steam to make the most of the summer and the tourists coming to Pembrokeshire but it’s another thing entirely to be on the other end of it working. It provides you with a completely different sense of perspective.

Gone are the days of 9 – 5. It’s more a case of wake up and go til the end of the day. Routine, well that sort of exists to a point. It’s more a case of rinse and repeat everyday to get ready for an event. Something that’s made all the more a challenge when a family is involved.

Then there’s the fact the 12 week summer season is suddenly compressed into 4 weeks for most but for us it’s down to two and a bit, facing the fact that the end of the season could be the last event of the year given the pandemic uncertainty, A gentle slope into the holiday season has become a massive ramp adding to the already mounting stress. Tempers flare over the most ridiculous things such as cutting strawberries into 6 parts properly (I’m honestly laughing as I think about that moment). Coffee has become the fuel to power us both, this coming from an avid tea drinker.

Monday, whats a Monday? You don’t get to have weekends but it also means no Monday mornings.

Making sacrifices, working hard, long days, short nights of sleep might not sound like it’s worth it. Yet it is. The thing is sometimes a new venture becomes a lifestyle and requires a whole heap of perseverance. Yet, going home exhausted, having done our very best. Seeing someone try a Hungarian Chimney cake for the first time, expecting a doughnut but getting something very different, hearing the enjoyment from the first bite is something special.

Traditional Topping Hungarian Chimney Cake

Making the jump from a 1 – 2 day event every couple of weeks to 7 days a week of non stop go go go, has been an interesting learning curve and despite everything, hugely rewarding.. If you get it right nothing beats working for yourself. Being able to control your own narrative, implement those ideas which people turned down, making your own mistakes but then reaping the benefits when you get something spot on.

As a wise person would say “every day is a learning curve”