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Twirly Bakes are based on the traditional Hungarian Kürtöskalács. Pronounced kür-tos-ka-lács, is a Hungarian pastry popular in fairs, festivals and celebrations throughout Hungary.

Translated as ‘chimney cakes’, it is constructed by wrapping a strip of dough, on a specialised rolling pin which is then glazed, baked where it rises and caramelises on the outside and then finished off with a variety of toppings.

A new trend for Chimney Cakes is to have a savoury options which are blended into our authentic Hungarian mix.  Our Chimney Cakes are baked, not fried and most definitely not a doughnut.



Thanks to the fine people at Coastal Stay Camping, you can find us most evenings right next to their pizzas.  Set your satnav to SA62 6DP for a taste of Hungarian Street Food.

The baking starts at around 5pm and finishes at 8.30pm or until we sell out.


Inspired by a holiday to Hungary, two friends saw this delicious street food being consumed on the streets of Budapest.

From that moment the wheels were set in motion for us. In the autumn of 2018 we practised on our first charcoal grill, mixing and testing dough recipes late into the night.

Now you can find us at various street food events in England and Wales with our bright yellow horse box called Poppy.  2 best friends on an adventures of the Chimney Cake kind.

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