It was the first time that the Twirly Bakes train had done this event. During our first year of trading the Big Cwtch was talked about with revered tones and almost everyone we spoke to seemed to be looking forward to this one and event just on the first night, it was easy to see why.

Big Cwtch was set to be our first festival now after we were told that our food was a touch too untraditional for another event we had tried to get into. The organisers of that event went down the traditional burger and fries route. Not the type were’ used to but the standard plastic burger types. Nothing wrong with that btw.

As with weekend events the Friday is quiet or at least quiet for a vendor thats only selling sweet offerings. I think we weren’t alone on this due to the muffin stand down the road from us being quiet as well.

Saturday was a whole different beast. After being let down by staff twice I wanted to carry on thinking well I’ve made the effort to come all this way so lets just keep going.

And all was well until it got busy, really busy and stayed that way till the end of the night.

A special shout out to Spicer’s Meat Waggon and the rather awesome Stuart to jumped in to help me right at the moment I was drowning.

Will post more soon about this wonderfull event but please, support this via