Normally the summer season is at least 3 months of absolute mayhem, yet due to the virus of unknown determination (have to be search engine friendly here) the lockdown meant only 4 weeks of restricted normality. For team Twirly Bakes it was only 2 and that’s down to the awesome folks at Coastal Stay Camping.

It might seem like we are gushing a lot about our spot and that’s because we are. Sea views.. check.. hot pizza.. check.. freshly baked Hungarian Chimney cakes… check. It’s a complete food package right next to the Blue Lagoon in Aberiddi. Oh and not to mention our frothy coffee went down well.

We couldn’t have enjoyed the last two weeks Coastalstay any more. Genuinely, everyone was so helpful, friendly and just plain outright amazing. 

We want to give a massive thank you to the owners and the intrepid band of taste testers. We aren’t entirely sure if appropriate to name names but you know who you are 🥳😀😃🇭🇺👍🏻. Especially the one who had Nutella down their front on day one 😂🤣. 

And it goes without saying, thank you to anyone and everyone who came along and tried one of our Hungarian treats. We’ve been proud as punch to add an experience to the coastal stay. We are genuinely blown away by how many people have seen us posting on Instagram the made the trip to try both chimney cakes and pizza. 🍕

Whats Next?

The virus is still looming it’s head over businesses in general and it’s hitting the smaller street food vendors incredibly hard as events are being cancelled. We will be posting our next events over on our 2020 Events page so that’ll be the best place to find out where we will be next.