What is A Chimney Cake?

Perhaps the most common question we get asked at an event, what is a Chimney cake / Twirly Bakes.

Pronounced kür‧tős‧ka‧lács, is a Hungarian pastry popular in fairs, festivals and celebrations throughout Hungary.  Translated as ‘chimney cakes’, it is constructed by wrapping a strip of dough, on a specialised rolling pin which is then glazed and baked by rotating over a heat source, until the glaze becomes caramelised. 

What gave us the idea to start doing these at home

It was after a holiday to Budapest when Betty turned around and said these would work at home. After a LOT of researching, stressful late nights and a few attempts at converting our first horse box called Lottie (we still love you Lottie) we launched into our first event at Pembroke Dock Christmas Market.

More to come soon!